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1:1Chromebook FAQ

Q.  What is a Chromebook?

A. A Chromebook is a personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on the machine itself.

Q.  Why a Chromebook in education?

A.  Chrome devices are optimized for the web's vast educational resources, help integrate rich content into lessons, inspire collaboration, and encourage students to create and share their own content with the world.  Chrome devices provide this without lengthy start-up times or tedious training.  They're simple and affordable way to put technology into the hands of students and teachers.

Q.  How long does the battery last?

On an average day the battery should provide power for up to 8 hours.  The district issued device is expected to show up fully charged and ready for classwork.

Q. In the event that we have to replace a device, how much will this cost us?

A. The device replacement cost is about $350.00 - this will need to be purchased through the district in order to ensure management capabilities.

Q. What kind of protective covers will be provided with each device?

A. No protective covers are being offered at this time. However, a simple, inexpensive laptop sleeve or protective shell would suffice. The shell needs to be verified that it matches the devices EWG is deploying.  Currently we are deploying the Acer Chromebook 11 C740.  

Q.  Will a type of “Find My Device” application be loaded on the device?

A.  Unfortunately, the Chromebooks are not equipment with a "Find My Device" application.  However, they are managed by the district and logon is restricted to only users with EWG email addresses.

Q.  Can my student bring his/her own device?

A.  Yes, However, only at their teachers’ discretion  and is to be used in addition to the district issued device.  Some laptops and iPads will be available in the library media center for student use on a first come, first served basis.

Q.  What are our alternatives to the district program?  

A.  If you have concerns about the program it would be best to speak with us directly about your concerns by submitting a Helpdesk ticket.

Q.  On the document we were provided, it states: “There is no expectation of privacy on school owned technology”  What does this actually mean?

A.  It is not the policy of EWG personnel to actively monitor student activity. In instances where discipline issues arise, unusual network activity is noticed, or where subpoenas are served, however, EWG personnel have access to data stored under an EWG user account. This can include documents, images, presentations, browsing history, and other internet activity. It should be noted that a school issued device will not give EWG personnel access to a student’s home network.

Q.  Will the students and parents be provided with training.

A.  Currently, EWG is a Google Apps for Education School.  Many of our students in the Senior High have been working within this environment for school work for a number of years.  The Chromebook is a natural extension of ongoing practices, and its deployment allows us to further increase our students’ accessibility to this suite of applications.

Q.  What happens to the device upon Graduation?

A.  Upon graduation, the device will be removed for the school’s management console and issued to the graduating student.