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1:1 Responsible Use of Technology Agreement

Exeter West Greenwich Regional School District

All users in the Exeter West Greenwich Regional School District are expected to embrace the following principles as they utilize technology to enhance their learning experience, collaborate, and communicate with school community members:

  • Be empowered and be innovative. Do awesome things. Amaze us.

  • Be smart and be safe. Make good choices. Protect yourself and others.

  • Be careful and be courteous. Foster a school community that is respectful, helpful, and kind. Act with integrity.

As a user in EWGRSD, I agree to the following principles:

  • Respect and Protect Myself

  • I will make school appropriate judgements about the information and images that I view and share online. I will be careful with what personal information and images I share about myself. I will protect passwords, accounts, and resources. I will not use district resources for inappropriate and/or unlawful activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me.

  • Respect and Protect Others

  • Everything in #1 also applies to my treatment of others. I will not use any medium to bully, harass, or stalk other people. I will not share information and images about others without permission. I will show respect for other people by not using/altering their passwords/accounts. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at others.

  • Respect and Protect Intellectual and Physical Property

  • I will not plagiarize the work of others and I will abide by copyright laws. I will only use the school’s technology, network, and resources for school-appropriate activities and encourage others to do the same. I will treat the school’s digital equipment with care. I will follow testing protocols. I will not share or photograph testing materials.

Guidelines for Responsible Use:

  1. Technology Use is a Privilege, Not a Right.

Use of the District’s technology, networks and Internet services is a privilege, not a right.  

  1. Responsible Use

Users are expected to:

  1. Use District technology for educational purposes.

  2. Comply with this policy and all specific directions from instructional staff when using technology outlined in this policy.

  3. Be responsible for their actions and activities involving District technology, networks and Internet services and for keeping their files, passwords and accounts secure.

  4. Promptly inform their teacher or school administrator if they are aware of any issue that is contrary to this policy.

  5. Back up their own data, files, and personal content.

  1. Prohibited Uses

While technology can be a valuable resource in an academic setting, it has the potential for misuse.  Prohibited use will result in disciplinary action as defined by the appropriate Behavior Code.

  1. Inappropriate Material – Accessing, submitting, posting, publishing, forwarding, downloading, scanning or displaying materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicitly, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing and/or illegal.

  2. Illegal Activities – Using the District’s technology, networks and/or Internet services for any illegal activity or activity that violates other School Committee policies, procedures and/or school rules.

  3. Violation of Copyrights – Copying or downloading copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission or any other activity that violates other School Committee policies regarding copyrighted material.

  4. Unapproved Uses – Using the District’s technology, networks and Internet services for non-school-related purposes including, but not limited to, private financial gain, commercial, political, religious, advertising or solicitation purposes.

  5. Misuse of Passwords/Unauthorized Access – Sharing passwords, using other users’ passwords without permission and/or accessing other users’ accounts.

  6. Malicious Use/Vandalism – Any malicious use, disruption or harm to the District’s technology, networks and Internet services including, but not limited to, modifying device configurations, hacking activities and creation/uploading of computer viruses.  Vandalism includes damaging computer equipment, files, data or the network in any way.

  7. Unauthorized Access of Electronic Communication Tools – Accessing resources such as email, chat, social networking sites, texting and telephone services without specific authorization from staff.

  1. Personalization of Issued and Assigned Devices

  1. Users are allowed to personalize devices within the parameters of this policy.  Personalization must not impede the instructional and educational use of the device.

  2. Users are not allowed to make configuration changes that may interfere with maintenance or performance.

  3. The District assumes no liability or responsibility for personal electronic property saved to a device.  This includes, but is not limited to, personal software, files, games, eBooks, and other media.

  4. The District assumes no liability or responsibility for unauthorized charges made by users that may include, but are not limited to, credit card charges, long distance telephone charges, and electronic payment services.

  5. In the event that device internal memory is insufficient for the download or use of required educational content, personal files may be removed.

  6. Defacing of assigned devices is prohibited including but not limited to writing on or placing stickers on devices.

  1. No Expectation of Privacy

The District retains control, custody and supervision of all technology, networks and Internet services owned or leased by the District.  The District reserves the right to monitor users’ online activities and to access, review, copy, and store or delete any electronic communication or files and disclose them to parents, guardians, teachers, administrators or law enforcement authorities as it deems necessary.  Users should have no expectation of privacy regarding their use of District property, to include network and/or Internet access or files, along with email.

I understand that the rules for behavior set by the district and school cover both physical and digital actions by students and interactions among students. In today’s world of social media and extensive communication via the Internet, there is NO distinction between online and offline activities regarding school behavior and the assignment of disciplinary consequences.

By signing below, I agree to follow the principles of digital citizenship outlined in this agreement and accept that failing to follow these guidelines will have consequences. I understand school/district administrators will deem what is inappropriate use, take appropriate action, and determine consequences. Consequences may include restriction of computer/network access, suspension/expulsion, reimbursement for damage/loss of property, and legal action.

This policy shall be provided to all students and parents/guardians on an annual basis and is available for review on the district web site.