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To allow printing across all devices we will be using Cloud Print

Cloud Print on All Devices via Google Browser via Print option

Cloud Print on Mac OSX with App and Automator

Download Cloud Printer from the iTunes App Store - Cloud Printer

The recommended way is to use automator to create a print-plugin and use this application from most application's print dialog. Here is a step-by-step Guide to setup an automator based integration into Print Dialog:

  1. Open Automator in Mac
  2. Click 'Print Plugin'
  3. Ensure that 'Actions' tab has been selected in 'Automator'
  4. In the search box in Automator, enter 'Open Finder Items' (please translate this to your local language if English is not the language used in your Mac)
    • You could optionally use several actions in the "PDFs" subsection and select any of the PDF transformation that is required for your workflow. Please see below for more details.
  5. If you 'double click' on the 'Open Finder Items' in the list of 'Actions', it will add that action to the plugin being created.
  6. On the right half of the Automator program (where there is a visual flow graph of the plugin being created) and in the 'Open Finder Items' action, select 'Cloud Printer' that you have installed in your Mac in the 'Open With' option.
  7. Now, save your plugin with a name of your choice typically indicating 'Print using Cloud Printer'.

Now, you can print from most Mac applications using the Cmd+P button and it will bring up the Mac Print Dialog. Typically, on the left bottom corner of the Print Dialog, there will be a drop-down list box with the default text 'PDF'. Please click that option and select the plug-in that you have just created. This will send the print job to the 'Cloud Printer' program from which you will able to select the Google-Cloud-printer/print-service/Googl­eDrive that you would like to print to.